Why do people hate HR? – Asking For A Friend

Question, how many times have you heard your co-worker or boss complain about the HR department? For some reason, Human Resources is almost always perceived as this scary and mean group of people who want to fire you the first chance they get. This is so not true! Of course, there are some bad apples but there are some in about every profession. Most of us are actually really nice!

If you’ve been in Human Resources as long as we have, you’ve heard all sorts of reasons why people hate our department. We’ve heard some interesting ones and put together a quick list of reasons why people hate HR. So without further ado, this week’s episode of Asking For A Friend, “Why do people hate HR?”

We hope you enjoy this video and while you’re at it, tag your HR besties and your favorite HR people! We’d love to hear YOUR reasons why people hate HR 😉

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