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Telling All on “The Money Lab” Podcast with Wei Houng

There is more to me than just being the Founder of this company....much more.

With my volunteer work I would tell the men and women I helped, "I know what it is like to hit rock bottom and have to climb your way out of that hole. That's why I'm here help. My wish for you one day is when you do, you give back and say the same thing to someone in need." I never told them my story I knew that letting them know I've been in the trenches too seemed to lift and encourage them more.

This year the pull to tell my story grew from just topically saying, "I've been through the wringer," to actually telling my story.

On #TheMoneyLab with Wei Houng from the 6 Figure Academy we talk about, "The 'Just Enough' Money Story" I built my business overcoming my thought limitations and my difficult path from my teen years to entrepreneurship.

See the interview on YouTube:

Or have a listen here:



A big 'THANK YOU' to Wei for the encouragement to speak my truth and inspire others to "be the change."

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