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The ABC’s of CPP’s

By Lee R. Goldberg, Esq. www.callawyers.com January 12, 2021   No, I am not writing about some new government loan program – though they are out there. I am writing about the...Read More »

Be the Change – HR From the Heart

https://youtu.be/d9hE0KijKj4 Do you think you have a solid idea for change in your company? Tell somebody! Tell them your idea. Or do it yourself. Make the change that YOU want to make. We all ...Read More »

Power of character – HR From the Heart

Let's have a real conversation about how to lead from the heart, put our employees first, communicate with care, all with love and respect for our companies and workforces.  This is "HR from the Heart" with LeiLani Quiray, CEO of be the change HR...Read More »