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What NOT to do on zoom calls

What should I NOT do on Zoom calls? – Asking For A Friend

Thank you to everyone who has been watching our Asking For A Friend Series! We try to make these fun and informative for you because truth be told, HR is not always fun. But it could be with us on your side ;) Here's a fun idea, take a swig of "coffee" 👀 when you see someone in your zoom call do any of the things in the video. For anyone that has to take more than one, our deepest condolences... 😂Read More »

Blooper Reel #2: Falling in love at work

Blooper Reel #2 – Asking For a Friend

You want to know what it’s like filming our AFAF Series? Alright, you asked for it! We put together a outtake reel for you with some not so serious stuff. Hope you all enjoy and share a laugh as you watch with us!Read More »