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What NOT to do on zoom calls

What should I NOT do on Zoom calls? – Asking For A Friend

Thank you to everyone who has been watching our Asking For A Friend Series! We try to make these fun and informative for you because truth be told, HR is not always fun. But it could be with us on your side ;) Here's a fun idea, take a swig of "coffee" ???? when you see someone in your zoom call do any of the things in the video. For anyone that has to take more than one, our deepest condolences... ????Read More »

Blooper Reel #2: Falling in love at work

Blooper Reel #2 – Asking For a Friend

You want to know what it’s like filming our AFAF Series? Alright, you asked for it! We put together a outtake reel for you with some not so serious stuff. Hope you all enjoy and share a laugh as you watch with us!Read More »