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Do you need a speaker at your next event that’s engaging, outside of the box, interactive, funny, and informative? We’ve got one for you.

Our Founder and CEO, LeiLani Quiray, is a great speaker and storyteller who uses her passion for HR and social entrepreneurship to deliver her message.

As an expert in Human Resources, she’s a tenured speaker who delivers information on various topics like foundational/regulatory HR, HR for small businesses, HR for startups, recruiting, culture management, sexual harassment prevention, performance management, social entrepreneurship, best practices in HR and corporate social responsibility. She’s been a featured speaker for audiences large and small in businesses, nonprofits, social enterprises, colleges, conferences, and networking events.



LeiLani would love to talk about:

● How as a nomad CEO she traveled the country by car carrying everything she needed in
a tiny Mazda Miata.
● Her journey into Minimalism and how she went from having lots of “stuff” to putting everything she needed into a Mazda Miata to travel the country by car for a year.
● Tips and tricks on how to live out of a carry-on while running a business.
● How she met one of the trafficking survivors while on the road and the story of her journey from 17 years of being trafficked to owning a home with a thriving career. Please note names will be changed (of course) to protect her.
● The journey in general (it was a good one).

Sample of podcast’s LeiLani has been on:

Untethered and Prosperous
Lead Your Life
Business Growth Cafe
Maximize Business Value
Exit Coach Radio
Breakfast Leadership
• Master Leadership – Recorded; awaiting release
• Changemakers World Podcast – Recorded; awaiting release

If you need a guest with a light-hearted perspective on all things, LeiLani is waiting to be your next guest!

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • California Health Underwriters Association Women’s Leadership Summit
  • Tomorrow’s Leaders – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • Cal State Fullerton Startup Incubator
  • Incubator Space
  • Masterminds OC
  • Millionaire Team Leadership Summit
  • Masterminds South Bay
  • Alliance by Atlas Conference
  • WISEPlace Women’s Shelter
  • Inglewood Chamber of Commerce
  • Health Underwriters of California
  • Living a Richer Life
  • Integrous Women

Guest On TV Or Podcast

  • The Money Lab
  • Connected Women of Influence
  • Geeks are Sexy TV
  • Business Growth Cafe
  • Money Matters
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