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Sexual Harrasment
Prevention Training

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Sexual Harrassment Training

We’re not sure why people call it “Sexual Harassment Training” when we’re not training employees to sexually harass each other! LOL! We provide Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct PREVENTION Training for you and your staff in accordance with California Law.

Did you know in the state of California if you have five or more employees you’re required to do a one-hour training for your nonsupervisory employees and two hours for your supervisory employees? We know what you’re thinking…how are you going to do that?

We Can Help!

We offer training both in-person and online. We’ll always suggest training your staff in-person is best but if logistically that doesn’t work, we’ve got an online solution for you. (Likewise, we offer this in Spanish).

Oh and I forgot to mention we’re funny and we’ll be as entertaining as Sexual Harassment Prevention Training can be.


Online via Zoom (p.s. We make it fun!):

$99 per participant for supervisory employees (Min. $499)
$49 per participant for nonsupervisory employees (Min. $499)

Online and On-Demand:

$18.99 per participant for nonsupervisory employees

What Our Clients Have Said About Our Online Training:

“This was a very serious yet personable training and the videos were informative.” – Employee @ Marciano Art Foundation

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