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General Employee Termination Kit


Gotta term someone?  You’ll need documentation to ensure you’re doing the “Best Practice” for your term.  Included in this General Employee Termination Kit are form termination letters for various situations: layoff, term for cause, job abandonment and return of company property.

You may also need COBRA forms…those are included too (just make sure you know what you’re doing with this one, COBRA is a doozy).

Download our General Employee Termination Kit today and be prepared for any term situation!


WAIT!  You’re about to purchase a generic product.  I’ve done my best to cover the bases, but it’s still general, and may not be exactly perfect for you.  So, by continuing with your purchase, you acknowledge that general-ness and that you may need to make some modifications here and there to fit your specific needs.  Sound good?

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