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COVID-19 Prevention Plans


  • We’ll create a custom CPP for your business according to industry, state, and local guidelines
  • Train a staff member (aka your “COVID-19 Safety Coordinator”) to execute the plan
  • Check in with you after it’s implemented to see how things are going
  • Answer any questions along the way with full transparency!


OSHA can make COVID-19 Prevention Plans sound scary They require employers to have a CPP and the document they have you fill out is excruciatingly long. The worst part is, you might not even understand what the heck they are asking for! Believe us, it took us a minute… We know your time is precious so, why don’t you have us help you with those.

How we can help

We will work with you to get all the necessary information about your workplace, industry, and location so you have a fully comprehensible COVID-19 Prevention Plan!

What you’ll learn

With our support, you’ll learn that this stuff isn’t so bad when you have a team of Human Resource Experts handling the complicated paperwork.


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