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HR Program Review

So what’s going on with your HR program? Are you 100% sure the practices, procedures, policies, platforms (that’s a lot of Ps), and the overall culture are in line with compliance, best practices, and a healthy workforce? We can take a deep dive into the entire employee life cycle and evaluate every bucket of HR from pre-hire to post-term and everything (and we mean everything) in between. The following areas will be evaluated for potential risks and liabilities: wage and hour, recruiting and hiring practices, performance management, employee relations, workers compensation, benefit administration, leave management, culture, compensation and any other state and federal laws that apply to your business at your current and forecasted employee headcount, and employer size and jurisdiction. A full report that identifies these risks and liabilities, as well as strategies for reduction of risk, will be presented to you as well as what you’re kicking butt at! We STRONGLY encourage your company to do this so you’re aware. We all too often find out AFTER the fact and we don’t want you to be surprised with anything.


1-49 Employees – $1,999.00 Flat Fee 

50-100 Employees – $3,998.00 Flat Fee 

100+  Employees – $5,997.00 Flat Fee 

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