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Employee Handbooks.
You Know You Need One!

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Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks. You know you need one. You also know you definitely don’t want to write one on your own and certainly aren’t too sure what’s supposed to go in the darn thing. OR, perhaps you have one and you aren’t quite sure if it’s up-to-date with everything it needs. Don’t fret. We’ve got you.

We can revise your current handbook or draft a new one from scratch.

As an added bonus, we will roll out your new handbook once complete to your staff!


Both include us rolling out your handbook to your staff (we try to be funny, too).

Employee Handbook from Scratch

$2,499 flat fee

(tailored specifically to your company)

*$499 for each additional state

(For employers that have employees in multiple states)

Employee Handbook Revision

$350 per hour for revisions

(we’ll take a look at your current handbook, advise you of what we see needs to be fixed, and estimate hours so you’re not surprised with a bill)

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