Do The Inner Work – HR From the Heart


There are TWO major things happening, right now, that I can tell you.

1. The Law is ALWAYS changing every 5 seconds, due to COVID. 

2. We are living in a completely virtual world and having to find the best way to connect teams. 

BUT, here is what I’m saying MUCH beyond that. 

If there is an issue with employees right now and there isn’t much trust in them, then this is a symptom much larger than just working in a virtual world. 

The questions is, “What kind of culture was established in the past, that is causing the issue today?” 

Remember, it always starts with the leader first, then trickles down. 

As a leader, are you NOT trustworthy? People need to really take a look inward and make sure they are doing the inner work. 

Are you willing to do the inner work?