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Does this sound familiar?

Jimothy, the CEO of Pine Cones Inc, is fed up with the high turnover of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) staff and can’t figure out what’s going on. He needs to do something fast because it’s costing him lots of money and valuable people. 

He looks at his workforce data and discovers that 64% of his people are non-white and the remaining 36% are white. Interesting… He breaks down the data and finds that although only 36% of his staff are white/caucasian, they hold 78% of management positions. 

After much consulting with his team, Jimothy thinks he knows why people are leaving. They feel like they don’t belong and are not being treated fairly because they’re always being overlooked for promotions. So what should Jimothy do? 

Jimothy looks to Starbucks for inspiration and crafts what he thinks will be a winning memo to address the company’s issues with diversity and inclusion. The memo reads, “diversity is important and we value you!” BAM! He fixed the turnover rates just like that!

As you can imagine, the memo approach to diversity did not work. In fact, it probably enraged many and gave others more of a reason to jump ship. Would you blame them? Jimothy’s intention came from a good place but the presentation was WAY OFF!


Don’t Be Jimothy. We Can Help!
It’s a new era. People really care about what you are doing as a company to address issues of inequality, diversity, and social justice. A fat paycheck is no longer the dominant factor people consider when choosing to work for you. DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) is here to stay.

People want to work for organizations that celebrate diversity and provide an inclusive environment. 

Here’s the thing, addressing diversity is hard and it’s not something that can be done with a memo or training. A real fundamental change is required. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) must be part of your DNA, part of the way you do things here, part of your corporate culture.  

If you’re serious about DEI, then you’ll need to do 2 things: change your company structures, things like policies and processes, and change behaviors. 

Anyone can change structures. The real magic happens when people change their thinking, beliefs, and behaviors. Because REAL change happens when we change our behaviors. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how it’s done.


Why We’re Different!
We go beyond the one-pagers and steer away from any of those Michael Scott Diversity Trainings (The Office Reference). Our DEI Program is a process and we guide you along the DEI journey for positive change. 

Our program is made up of three stages: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. Together these stages make up our AAA Roadmap and will help you reach your DEI Destination. Each stage builds on the next stage. We take a deep dive into your policies and processes and provide strategies and action steps you can take to foster diversity and inclusion within your organization.  

Then we help you define the behavioral outcomes you seek to promote DEI. With our HR background, we know what it takes to create positive change by clearly defining behavior expectations and improving management strategies.  

Our approach to behavioral change is grounded in research and psychology and focuses on fostering inclusion within your organization.


Why Inclusion Really Matters

Inclusion is about balancing how well people experience belongingness, uniqueness, and equitable treatment. When people experience inclusion, they experience a true sense of belonging while also feeling that their individuality is recognized and valued by others. 

Inclusion requires real action – beyond a memo or policy statement.

Are you beginning to see how inclusion really is the key to change?

And for things to really change, people have to change their behaviors in addition to changing policies and practices.

If your goal to foster inclusion within your organizational change, then we can help. Our AAA Roadmap (Awareness, Acceptance, Action) will help you get to your goal.

Our DEI program is a process for organizational change. We understand change is hard. That is why we’ll be with you at every step of the way to help you change the structure of your organization and the behaviors of your people.

When you partner with us, we’ll take you along this process. We’re on this journey together. And together, we’ll get to our destination from Awareness to Acceptance to Action.

Our DEI Stages

Awareness (Stage 1)

We’ll guide you through a needs assessment to begin formulating your DEI Strategy and plan for creating real change. We’ll help you reach a new level of understanding and what it takes to create a winning strategy and action plan for your organization. 

This stage is all about creating a strong foundation for your approach to DEI moving forward. 

This is what you get:

•Needs Assessment, including:

•Pay Equity Analysis

•Employee Engagement Survey

•Workforce Inclusion Survey

•Workforce Demographics Report

•Interviews Assessment Worksheet (to interview Leadership, Supervisors, and Staff)

•Feedback and Recommendation Report.


•Improving Employee Engagement.

•DEI (Part 1)

•DEI Strategy: a starting point and template including:

•A big picture view for strategic planning

•How to integrate structural and people changes

•A Framework for Real Change

•DEI Action Plan Template

•One-on-one consulting with and HR Pro (included in all stages)


Small Employer: $9,451
Mid-size Employer: $13,962


Acceptance (Stage 2)

You get everything included in stage 1 and stage 2. In stage 2, we’ll guide you through a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) so that you develop a deeper awareness of your situation and problems.  The SWOT analysis helps inform decision-making (on resources, direction, etc.) and further refines your strategy and solution so that your DI Action Plan has the greatest chances for success. 

We’ll also guide you through an Organizational Culture Assessment to see how the organization’s values are defined and reinforced in programs such as recruitment, onboarding, training, and recognition.

We provide additional training and one-on-one consulting throughout this stage to make sure Stage 1 and 2 are aligned and work together to strengthen your strategy and action plan.

This stage is all about refining your DEI Strategy and learning about “inclusive climates” and how they foster inclusion within your organization.

This is what you get:

•DEI Strategy that includes findings from a SWOT Analysis and Organizational Culture Assessment.

•SWOT Analysis (process and written report).

•Organizational Culture Assessment (process and written report).

•DI Action Plan(turning your strategy into action).

•Training to reinforce stage 1 training and is more action-oriented, identifies structural processes and behaviors for change, next steps, roles, and responsibilities, etc.

•DEI (part 2).

•What Drives Employee Engagement?

•Executive Learning and Coaching.

•Fostering Inclusion (part 1).

•Counteracting Unconscious Bias.

•DEI Checklist for Executive/leadership staff (part 1).


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Action (Stage 3)

In this stage, everything comes together. This is where you take real action and begin to transform your organization, one policy, one person at a time. You’ll apply lessons learned especially how you can foster real inclusion using “inclusive climates”. The goal for this stage is to make sure that everything fits together so that the implementation process goes as planned. 

Don’t worry, we have your back. We’ll show you how.

You get everything included in stage 2. In stage 3, we’ll provide hands-on support with the implementation of your DEI Strategy and DEI Action Plan. We’ll make sure your HR functions are aligned with your strategies for fostering inclusion within your organization. provide hands-on support with implementation of your DEI strategy and action plan.

We’ll also make sure that your approach to changing structures and behaviors aligns with your culture, beliefs, and HR practices that support “inclusive climates.”

This is what you get:

•DEI Strategy that includes findings from a SWOT Analysis and Organizational Culture Assessment.

•DEI Summary Report

Training on: 

•How HR functions support DEI

•New expectations: from structures to people

•train the Trainer (internal diversity manager and employee training )

•Management Strategies (KSA’s)

•Fostering Inclusion (Part 2)

•Inclusive Climates

•Executive learning and coaching (removing barriers for change)

•DEI Checklist for Executive/ Leadership staff


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Our AAA Roadmap

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