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Power of character – HR From the Heart

Let's have a real conversation about how to lead from the heart, put our employees first, communicate with care, all with love and respect for our companies and workforces.  This is "HR from the Heart" with LeiLani Quiray, CEO of be the change HR...Read More »

Asking For A Friend : Season One Recap

Asking For A Friend: Season One Recap First and foremost, we want to thank everyone that supported us moving forward with this video series. We have Andrew Lopez from Elevated SHORTS to thank for...Read More »

What NOT to do on zoom calls

What should I NOT do on Zoom calls? – Asking For A Friend

Thank you to everyone who has been watching our Asking For A Friend Series! We try to make these fun and informative for you because truth be told, HR is not always fun. But it could be with us on your side ;) Here's a fun idea, take a swig of "coffee" ???? when you see someone in your zoom call do any of the things in the video. For anyone that has to take more than one, our deepest condolences... ????Read More »