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What’s Next?

*things to think about post-COVID-19-quarantine* I’ve been heavily contemplating what our new work-world is going to look like. I know you have too! Of course, I’m HR so I’ll share with...Read More »


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty...here’s some “schtuff” you need to be aware of. BTW this wasn’t an easy one to deliver...feels like doom and gloom 🙁 ACA is here to stay! ACA =...Read More »

Spring Cleaning the HR Way

“I love to clean” -said LeiLani, never...ever...EVER. LOL! Okay, okay I know some of you love to clean. Me? Heck no. I’m actually allergic to it (well to dust) and chemicals give me asthma....Read More »

New Year, New Laws

I know you’re excited for this one...you’re all like, “YAY! I can’t wait for things to become even more difficult for me as a business owner this year!” <- said sarcastically, of...Read More »

My 1st Podcast! Tune in Live!

#TheMoneyLab#TheMoneyLab is welcoming me on Nov 13th to share my story about hitting rock bottom & fighting my way back to #selflove#selflove & #entrepreneurship#entrepreneurship. Tune in...Read More »