Asking For a Friend: Can I smoke weed at work?

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask your boss but you knew if you did you’d probably be in trouble or even fired! That’s why we decided to do this series called “Asking for a Friend” where we give you the answers to these questions from an HR Pro....Read More »

COVID-19 -> HR Help for Employers

Times are filled with uncertainty right now. I feel it. I know you’re feeling it too. In fact, I know you’re feeling it because today has been chocked full of emails and calls about it. ...Read More »

California Consumer Privacy Act

For a number of years, California has been at the forefront of consumer protections issues, whether it be its broad Business and Professions Code or the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Now, California is moving to implement strong protections into consumer data through the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”)....Read More »