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HBR 2022 Workplace Trends Part Four!

https://youtu.be/MXHTxTORIJE 8 - Wellness is the newest metric for business Ummmmm…duh! Healthy happy employees, among many many other wonderful things, are more productive at work. Of...Read More »

HBR Workplace Trends Part THREE!

https://youtu.be/aqjzLbLYVTs # 5 - AUTOMATE AUTOMATE AUTOMATE so you can focus on your people That leads me to the question, what is YOUR fav tool for this? What's the latest and greatest...Read More »

2022 Workplace Trends

https://youtu.be/GA9doWGIHYw 2022 Workplace Trends…The Harvard Business Review published an article about the top 11 workplace trends for this year. I want your thoughts!Fairness and Equity in...Read More »